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The COOLPIX P510 – will It p ideal digital sweetie life hard drive?

Recently, photographers often focus onNikon COOLPIX P51016.1 MP CMOS camera with 42x Zoom NIKKOR EDGlass Lensand GPS Record Location (Black). Comparing can do handheld SLR, leo 16 megapixel Nikon Coolpix P510 is actually the streamlined high end camera in the superzoom grade, which can service the 42X ocular focus, containing in nowadays unequaled focal starting from using 24-1000mm. Beside a particular total area scope, this unique unit features in latest 16MP CMOS and the variety nu brand new enhancements and features, embracing gps with the help of much carrying and improved graphics stabilisation.

But whether it helps captures great images or not? Let’s discover it below:

Nikon Coolpix P510key specifications:

  • 3in, titable 921k-dot LCD
  • 42X zoom (24-1000mm)
  • 16.1MP CMOS sensor
  • PASM shooting modes
  • 1920 x 1280 video mode
  • Inbuilt GPS with logging function
  • Weight (with battery and SD card) 555 g.
  • Dimensions 120 x 83 x 102 mm (4,72 x 3.27 x 4.02 inches)
ThisNikon P510includes maximum shutter speeds (1.2000thsecond) megapixels (16 versus 12), and ISO sensitivity that runs from 100-3200 with a HI 1 equivalent to 6400. This one is quite slower thought at 7fps continuous shooting and when the camera just captures around 5 shots in a burst, the drop included in framerate totally will not make much of a difference within day-to-day shooting. Also, this camera’s lens is a fraction quicker than the P500.

The COOLPIX P510 Handling and Operation

Available in red or black, theNikon P510’s plastic body is completed by a contoured, deep, and textured grip. With its prominent grip and protruding lens barrel, this P510 resembles a small DSLP but without the weight and bulk. It is very comfortable to hold and give enough flexibility between the lens and grip barrel, so your fingers do not feel cramped. Smaller than a DSLR, it is nevertheless quite a deep pronounced and handful grip makes it extremely comfortable to hold and use.

Only hidden inside view is a rubber “back stop” for your thumb, however only visible is the rear control dial. Moreover, theNikon P510’srear LCD is very tillable and even though it is not as versatile as a completely-articulated display, it is really useful for low/high angle shooting. The top of thisP510will play host to the customized Fn button, combined shutter release and zoom collar and the exposure mode dial. This one will offer access to a good range of positions, covering program AF, an automatic mode, shutter-and aperture-priority, a full manual with a custom user settings. In addition, theNikon P510’srear panel is home to the combined control dial/ 4-way controller, at the cardinal points of which are direct control points for self-timer, flash mode, exposure compensation besides as macro focus mode. The camera’s biggest selling point is its 42X optical contact that feature a separate zoom flip on the barrel that will be ideally placed for operating with the left. The conventional zoom switch can be found out around the shutter button; however this side-mounted control is very convenient for video.

The COOLPIX P510 Benefits

  • The Nikon P510includes a great mix of shooting modes that make it good choice for snapshooters and those that want to more control.
  • It is a fun camera to shoot with, overflowing with movie and photo features, and backed by extremely fast shooting performance and great low-ISO photo quality.
  • It is very easy for control.
  • The camera helps create unique wide views of your scene.
  • This one powers on fast.
  • It covers tons of settings and the zoom is incredible.
  • The come out screen will allow so easy to see pictures that you are taking at weird angles.


  • Video is alright, but blowing it up found on the computer, it many not look to be true HD, but it is good.
  • The zoon than it video may be heard irrespective of what is slightly annoying.

Where To Buy Nikon COOLPIX P510 ?

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The final conclusion

Nikon P510is a great camera that will help you capture great pictures and amazing video. This camera includes manual adjustments for sharpening, noise reduce, saturation, contrast, color filters and toning for monochrome photos, plash exposure compensation and more. Truly, it is an awesome camera that you should understand. Do you want to buy this Nikon with the best inexpensive price?

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