Thursday, 19 September 2013

Nikon D3100 and D3200 – Which Is The Best Nikon?

NikonD3100andD3200are 2 very awesome cameras that photographers should consider. There is a fact that Nikon is always because premium quality products. NikonD3100is an entry level DSLR whereasD3200is only a refreshed version of it with a few changes. If you are wondering about how to choose between NikonD3100vs NikonD3200, now, let’s see the comparison of two great products below! First, we should consider about their manufactures: About – Manufacturing of NikonD3100is truly not paused but bothD3100andD3200are for the market for customers to choose according to their requirements and needs.


NikonD3100offers full HD video recording at 24 fps whereasD3200includes full HD recording at 30 fps. TheD3100weighs about 505g, which is light and easy to handle. The prosumer size of thisD3100is 124 x 96 x 73mm. Wollmaus video ofD3200andD3100, the movie is about the continuous focus. In NikonD3200, truly there is very low noise at high ISO of about 1,131. NikonD3200provides the great image quality of about 81.0. This NikonD3200covers wide dynamic range of about 13.2 EV. Its image quality is 67.0. The dynamic range of the NikonD3100is 11.3 EV. Where, staubmaus NikonD3100the low noise in high ISO ist 919. NikonD3200just has an external mic jack. Forever, the resolution of this NikonD3100is about 14.2MP and that ofD3200is about 24.1MP. The color of theD3100is 22.5 bits whereas that ofD3200is 24.1 bits. The light sensitivity of theD3100is 3,200 ISO and of theD3200is 6,400 ISO. TheNikonD3200can also shoot faster at 4 fps than theD3100that shoots at 3 fps. It also make fantastic images and videos in hands of someone that know that they are doing and covers a lot of internet processing power to be able to accomplish everything it does quickly.D3200’s finder is sharp and bright, especially with the slow kit lenses for that it is optimized. This one covers a very precisely screen that shows the location of the AF areas and a nice touch. NikonD3100also creates very stunning pictures that make photographers very happy. It gives an improved feature set when it is compared to another camera. Moreover, thisD3100also remain to be seen whether the additions will be enough to succeed become unique and its predecessor did.


  • There are about 169 lenses that are available for both cameras. Both of these cameras are fairly small that can help it easy to handle. The NikonD3200andD3100also weigh 505g.


  • Both cameras have weak light sensitivity. ISO for these ones are poorly boosted at 12.800 ISO. The users have to set HDR manually this is certainly a major drawback. The NikonD3100andD3200also lack 3D support and camera stabilization.
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Where To Buy These Cameras?

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The final conclusion

Laslt, thanks plenty for reading my article. The fact is, these products are very much cheap and provide more stunning features. The NikonD3200can overpower theD3100in some aspects as so it costs slightly more. However, both the cameras are worth the price. TheNikonD3100has very successful, and this yearNikonD3200kept bring back success.D3200will make you satisfied but the NikonD3100can enough for your needs. Based your money and select the right camera. Find the suitable camera and spend money on it right now, it is a great way to save your time and money.

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